Outsourcing software testing

MassQA is an IT outsourcing software testing service company. It makes sure your ideas are implemented according to previously agreed functional requirements, design, specifications and standards without defects, bugs and issues. We provide the best outsourcing testing services, expertise and use the best methodologies among other software testing companies. We could provide you with widely experienced QA engineers and best solutions of outsourcing: reduced cost, increased efficiency, capacity, flexibility, high motivation, no social security payments, no extra training costs. Ordered outsourcing software testing service you could focus on core business and let us improve product quality, conserving your capital and saving office space.

It is easy to start working with us. Just send us your project description or contact us directly and we will make estimation and create fully flexible proposal to stay within budget and timelines.

We are open to all target customers: individuals, IT teams and business owners, development companies and offshore software QA companies.

We have great feedbacks from companies and groups through the globe. We worked with media, publishing, communication, gaming, entertainment, banking, finance and travel business companies.

Functional testing is used for all projects. It is core type of testing and it is necessary for all applications. We suggest using automated testing for extreme projects and fast-growing companies. Besides the most important types we provide also: web applications testing, usability, performance, compatibility and other forms of quality assurance.